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Beware Phone Scammers

Updated January 2018


Eastern Maine Electric Co-op urges all of its members to be alert to phone scams, remembering that the scams become more elaborate over time.


For years, criminals have imitated the caller ID of real businesses (like electric utilities) to defraud their victims. In a recent wave of such scams, they also program the fake caller ID with a fake phone number for return calls. Anyone who returns a voice message using the fake caller ID is phoning a scammer, and not the company they know. At least one local business has been approached by such a scam. 


In general, be suspicious of a phone call from any business asking for money if:

  • the call is completely unexpected,

  • the caller pressures you to act without time to fact-check their claims,

  • or the caller insists you to take unusual action, like making a payment with a prepaid card or other untraceable transfer.


Although Eastern Maine Electric does make courtesy calls, the Co-op's employees will not threaten immediate disconnection. When in doubt, you can always confirm the legitimacy of such a call by talking to someone at the Co-op's published phone numbers, (800) 696-7444 or (207) 454-7555.


If you have been the victim of a phone scam by someone claiming to be from Eastern Maine Electric or any other local company:




Contact: Charlie McAlpin (207) 454-1524, cmcalpin - at - emec dot com

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