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EnergyGuide Labels

The energy-conscious customer can save energy in a number of ways. These include buying energy-efficient appliances, maximizing heating and cooling losses, and trimming down unnecessary appliance or lighting use.

Perhaps the most important cost-cutting measure is to buy energy efficient appliances. When buying major appliances, look for the "EnergyGuide" label when buying in the U.S. The bright yellow EnergyGuide labels on each major appliance provide information about the energy use and efficiency of the appliance. The labels shows the amount of energy used based on average energy use by a family of four.

The labels are required by a Federal Trade Commission rule on all new air conditioners, boilers, clothes washers, clothes dryers, dishwashers, heat pumps, freezers, furnaces, and refrigerators. Labels are not required on other large appliances because the energy used by different brands and models is very similar. Smaller appliances are also exempt.


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