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Heat Pump Rebates - Efficiency Maine

Mainers have begun to recognize what residents of other states (and Canada) have known for a long time: heat pumps are effective, efficient, and affordable, even in very cold weather. They also provide very efficient air cooling and dehumidication in the summer months. Heat pumps use the compression and expansion of gases for very efficient heat exchange, either with the outside air (air-source heat pumps) or with the ground (ground-source heat pumps). Although most Mainers use air-source heat pumps in combination with another fuel source, modern units can efficiently provide heat inside the home, even if temperatures outside are as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit. This benefits co-op members in several ways.


  1. Electric rates have historically been much more predictable than the costs of oil and other fuels.
  2. Heat pumps can be up to 300% efficient, generating three times the heat they use in electricity.
  3. In addition, the electric grid is becoming more carbon-neutral every year. 


Efficiency Maine Rebates 

Low-Income Rebates Up to $2400

Efficiency Maine offers low-income assistance for owner-occupied homes in the form of a $2,000 rebate. Under this program, a second eligible heat pump can qualify for a $400 rebate. To qualify, an applicant must either qualify for LIHEAP or meet the low-assessed home value caps, which are $80,000 in Washington and Aroostook Counties, and $90,000 in Penobscot County. 


Residential Rebates Up to $1,200

Efficiency Maine offers up to $1,200 for Maine residents who are homeowners of any income, with $800 rebates for the first Tier 2 rebate and $400 rebates for the second Tier 2 unit. 


Home Energy Loans for Heat Pumps

Even with borrowing costs, heat pumps can often provide immediate budget relief for Maine homeowners if they replace a more costly source of heat. Maine resident homeowners of any income are eligible for Efficiency Maine home energy loans of up to $15,000, with no fees, and interest rates as low as 4.99% APR.  (Subject to credit approval.) 


Commercial Rebates Up to $4,800

Businesses may receive rebates of $1,600 per single-zone system, with a maximum of three systems for $4,800. Visit







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