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Line Items on Your Bill

These line items refer only to residential and seasonal residential bills.
"Delivery Service" is a term that is used two ways on your bill. It refers to the whole group of charges covering the costs of transmitting electricity and then delivering the electricity to customers’ homes and businesses. It also refers to a specific line item, explained below. The Delivery Service charges primarily cover the costs of transmitting electricity to EMEC's system and EMEC's cost of delivering the electricity to customers’ homes and businesses. There are several line items under the broader category of Delivery Service:
  • The Minimum Charge covers the first 50 kiloWatt-hours of delivery service, but it does not cover the other charges for that first 50 kWh's. This is the reason that the delivery service line item always reflects 50 fewer kiloWatt-hours than the other line items do.
  • The Delivery Service line item covers the cost of constructing, maintaining, repairing, and upgrading line equipment and substations. It also covers billing, metering and other administrative costs associated with delivery.
  • The Transmission Adjustment line item is a small, moderately fluctuating charge that covers costs associated with transmitting power from supply companies to EMEC's system. These include the costs of outside transmission service and third-party administration of the Northern Maine transmission system.
  • The Energy Conservation Assessment: This assessment is mandate by the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC). The funds collected under this assessment are remitted to the State of Maine for their administration of statewide energy conservation programs.
  • Sales Tax is charged only for energy use greater than 750 kWh's per month.
  • The Delivery Subtotal is the total of all charges for which payment is retained by Eastern Maine Electric Co-op to cover its transmission and delivery costs.
Electricity Supply Charges are payments made through EMEC to a third party company for the supply of energy delivered to EMEC members over EMEC's power lines.
The electric supply line item covers the cost of generating the electricity that was delivered by EMEC. The reason this line item says "Standard Offer," is that most EMEC customers purchase their power from the Standard Offer electric supplier. Click here for more information on Standard Offer Supply.
Sales Tax is charged only for energy use greater than 750 kWh's per month.
Total Current Billing is the sum of all current delivery service and electric supply charges. When this total is added to the Balance Before This Bill, the result is the Total Amount Due.


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