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Recurring Automatic Payments

Is Eastern Maine Electric Co-op's AutoPay For You?


Automatic Payment of Your Electric Bills by monthly bank withdrawals or monthly charges to your VISA or MasterCard.
To download the AutoPay form in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat), simply click here. An AutoPay form is also printed on the back of all residential and seasonal bills.
For more information on AutoPay, please keep reading.

How can AutoPay benefit you?


Save Time: EMEC AutoPay saves you the time of finding the bill,filling out a check, and taking the payment to the mailbox.
Save Postage: EMEC AutoPay saves you postage each month.
Save Worry: If you have ever paid a finance charge because you forgot the bill was due, AutoPay will give you one less bill to remember, and one less due date to keep track of.


Signing Up:


There is no charge to enroll in AutoPay. Simply complete the enrollment form, tear it off, and return it to:

Eastern Maine Electric Co-op
P.O. Box 425
Calais, ME 04619.

Members who sign up for Bank Withdrawal AutoPay should provide a voided copy of a check or savings withdrawal form. Credit Card AutoPay requires MasterCard or VISA. Every month afterward, the Cooperative will charge your credit card or debit your bank account in the first week of the month. This gives you time to review your bill and contact the Cooperative with any questions.


How to Tell If You Are Enrolled in AutoPay:


After AutoPay is established for your account(s), a note will begin to appear on your monthly bill(s) near the Total Due Amount. The note, which will be in green, will say "DO NOT PAY," and it will describe the automatic payment. (This green note may not appear until the second month of AutoPayment if the enrollment form arrives after EMEC has closed programming for the month.)

Who is Eligible?


Bank Withdrawal AutoPay is available to all EMEC customers. Credit card AutoPay is available for all residential and seasonal customers, as well as nonresidential customers with monthly bills that average less than $500 per month.


No Partial Payments
(except on Budget Billing):


AutoPay must be used to pay the entire balance due each month. Partial payments are not possible under AutoPay. This does not apply to Budget Billing customers, for whom the budget amount will be paid each month.


Declined Transactions:


If an automatic payment transaction is declined, EMEC will bill the customer for related charges billed to Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative by its bank or financial partners.


Finding Your Bank Routing Number:


When completing your application for Bank Withdrawal AutoPay, you will need your account number and bank routing number. They can be found on your check as indicated in the diagram below.
If you still have questions, please feel free to call us at (207) 454-7555 or e-mail us at
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