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When You're Away

Energy use may drop off when a family is away for a week or two on vacation, but this drop may not be as large as some might expect. Many appliances continue to use energy whether someone is home or not. The refrigerator, hot water heater, freezer, furnace (in winter), clocks, and other appliances are always on.

To save the most money while away on summer vacation, members should unplug all clocks and appliances except the refrigerator. Turning down or turning off the hot water heater will save additional money.

Many are surprised to learn that most televisions, VCR’s, DVD players and stereos continue to use energy even when turned off. If an entertainment appliance has an "instant on" feature activated by remote control, part of the appliance stays on in order to receive the "on" signal from the remote. The amount of energy used is minimal, but for those interested in taking every step possible, these appliances should be unplugged as well.


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