Outage Repair Progress Updates

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About the Outage Map

Eastern Maine Electric's Outage Map is intended to provide a sense of the Co-op's progress on restoring power during and after weather events. When viewing the data, please keep the following in mind:

The Co-op can not guarantee 100% accuracy. This is especially true when new outages are still occurring and before line workers have been able to visually assess the damage. 

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NOTE: If your outage is not listed on the outage map, it is possible the map is still being updated. The Co-op may know the power is out at some homes, without being able to immediately verify the extent of the outage. Until the verification can be done, the outage will not appear on the map.

General Information About Power Outages

How EMEC Restores Power After Storms 
How to Prepare Your Home for Storms

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