Note: This rate covers only the delivery portion of electric costs. Eastern Maine Electric Co-op members purchase the electricity delivered by EMEC from an electric supplier, who charges an additional rate. Click here for the current Standard Offer Rate.

Effective Date: March 1, 2017
Docket Number 2016-00237

$136.76 per month flat charge

$ 0.039657 per kWh

$ 6.77 per kilowatt of monthly demand

This rate is subject to adjustment for cost under provisions of Rate Schedules TC and CA, plus other adjustments as may be approved from time to time by the MPUC.

  • Actual KWH times the Transmission Adjustment Factor.

  • Actual KWH times the Conservation Assessment factor. ( The Conservation Assessment (CA) is a charge to pay for the energy conservation assessment as mandated by the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC).

  • Actual KWH times the Low-Income Assessment  (Proceeds from the new line item (added October, 2022) will add to the amount already paid by utilities to fund the Low-Income Assistance Program. LIAP provides financial assistance to low-income residential consumers in paying their electric bill.)

Available for loads of 50 kW or more, on a continuous year-round basis for commercial, industrial, and three-phase farm services, and public buildings such as hospitals, schools, churches, and community halls for all uses including lighting, heating, and power, subject to the established Terms and Conditions of the Cooperative.

Delivery of single-phase, and three-phase 60-Hertz, at available secondary voltages. Motors having a rated capacity in excess of ten horsepower must be three-phase.

The monthly demand in the current month shall be the greater of the highest 15- minute integrated KW demand measured during the month by the Cooperative or; (2) the kilowatt demand as adjusted for power factor in accordance with provisions set forth in this schedule. The monthly billing demand shall be the monthly KW demand in the current month.

The power factor of the customer's load, as determined by the Cooperative, shall be maintained at not less than 90% lagging. If, at any time, the Cooperative determines that the power factor is less than 90% lagging, the monthly kilowatt demand as measured, shall be adjusted in accordance with the following formula:


Measured KW Demand x 90 = adjusted KW Demand
Measured Power Factor in Percent


No adjustment will be made for power factor greater than 90% lagging. Forpurposes of determining the billing demand, as set forth in this schedule, the adjusted kilowatt demand determined above shall be used.

Temporary service such as service to construction jobs, fairs, and carnivals shall be supplied in accordance with Section 31 of the Cooperative's Terms and Conditions.

The above rates are net. Payment of the current monthly bill shall be made within 25 days from date of mailing. In the event that the bill is not paid within the 25-day period, the charges become subject to a late payment charge as established in the Terms and Conditions.