(Rate Schedule TC)


Computation of the TAC: The TAC on a per kilowatt hour basis is equal to the sum of the following: Projected allocated billings from the Northern Maine Independent System Administrator (NMISA) (N) and projected transmission wheeling costs charged by Maine Public Service Company (MPS) (M) plus the reconciliation adjustment (R) divided by the estimated kilowatt hours delivered (S) for the period covered.

TAC = (N+M+R)/S

And where R consists of the difference between the prior years actual costs and the amount recovered through the TAC in that year plus correction of errors or erroneous reporting.

Application: The Transmission Adjustment Clause (TAC) applies to all rate schedules Specifying that Rate Schedule TC applies to that schedule.

Method: The TAC will be a monthly charge for a twelve month period beginning January 1st with annual reconciliation.

Adjustment of the Monthly Recovery Level The monthly recovery level as determined for the period beginning January 1st is subject to monthly adjustments.

Effective Date: March 1, 2000
Docket Number 98-596

To download a copy of the transmission adjustment clause tariff, which is the document that defines the transmission adjustment clause, click here. The document is in PDF format.