Pay By Phone (24 Hours)

EMEC members can check account balances and make payments by phone, 24 hours a day. You can pay by phone using your credit card or checking account information.

  1. With your account number in hand, dial the Co-op’s phone number. (207) 454-7555 or (800) 696-7444.

  2. Once you reach the automated services menu, press option "1." The automated system will answer and guide you through your options. You can look up your information using your phone number or account numbers. 

NOTE: The automated voice will ask for your four-digit personal identification code. (If you don't have one set up, you can set one up by phone if your social security number is on file.

(If you have trouble setting up your pin, call the Billing Department at menu option 2 during office hours, and they will manually set up a four-digit security code for you.) Once your code is established and confirmed, the automated system will ready you your last payment amount, the day it was received, and the balance on your account