The Oxygen Pump and Ventilator Benefit provides financial assistance to low-income customers who, for health-related reasons, must use an oxygen pump at least 8 hours each day. The benefit is intended to cover the full cost of operating an oxygen pump and will not reduce benefits provided under other Low Income Assistance Programs. Consumers who qualify for LIHEAP (Low-Income Heat Energy Assistance Program) funds would also qualify for oxygen assistance. Consumers wanting to apply for assistance with oxygen pump- or ventilator-related energy costs should contact Eastern Maine Electric Co-op for an application. The application, when completed by a qualified physician, must be sent to Eastern Maine Electric Co-op.

For applications, call EMEC at (800) 696-7444, menu option 3 during regular office hours. 

When EMEC has been notified by MSHA that a consumer has been certified to receive energy assistance, the cooperative will calculate the amount of the benefit under formulas derived by the Maine Public Utilities Commission. The entire year’s benefit will be applied to the qualifying consumer’s account on the next bill following the Cooperative’s receipt of certification.

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