Note: This rate covers only the delivery portion of electric costs. Eastern Maine Electric Co-op members purchase the electricity delivered by EMEC from an electric supplier, who charges a separate rate. Click here for the current Standard Offer Rate.

To download a copy of the seasonal residential tariff, which is the document that defines the seasonal residential rate, click here.The document is in PDF format.

$17.45 per month, efffective March 1, 2019 and afterward.


$ 0.080551 per KWH for the delivery of all KWH in excess of 50 KWH per month


The minimum charge each month shall be the sum of:


Available for residential service to seasonal Dwellings, which are occupied only intermittently for seasonal purposes as defined in the Terms and Conditions of the

Delivery of a single-phase, 60 hertz, at available secondary voltages.

This rate is subject to adjustment for cost under provisions of Rate Schedules TC and CA, plus other adjustments as may be approved from time to time by the MPUC.

Upon re-establishment of service to a seasonal customer there shall be a non-refundable fee of 82.00. This fee shall not apply to the establishment of service for a new seasonal customer. A person shall not be deemed a "new seasonal customer" under this provision if that person is a member of the household of any person who, within the previous 12 months, has been a seasonal customer of the Company at the location at which service is requested.

The above rates are net. Payment of the current monthly bill shall be within 25 days from the date of mailing. In the event that the bill is not paid within the 25 day period, the charges become subject to a late payment charge as established in the Terms and Conditions.

EMEC's rates are designed to cover the cost of serving each rate class. Because seasonal accounts cost as much to serve as other accounts but do not pay their cost in per-kWh charges, a larger portion of the seasonal rate is its monthly flat charge. If a seasonal service is disconnected and reconnected less than eight months later, a seasonal reconnect fee will be charged, equal to eight seasonal flat charges. After March 1, 2019, that seasonal reconnection fee will amount to $139.60.

Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative Inc. Rate Schedule Tariff SR 

Effective Date: March 1, 2017
Docket number 2016-00237